Virtual Network Drives

Do you email documents to yourself to take them on the road? Do you still resort to sending DVDs or USB flash drives in the post when sending larger files to clients?

With our web-based network drive solution, you can synchronise your document library across your multiple machines, as well as securely share folders of documents with your clients in real time.


Main Features of our Virtual Network Drive

  • full cloud experience (no hardware required)
  • hold any file format
  • hold any file size (based on your available space)
  • secure isolated 'site' storage containers (e.g. have a site per client, or per project, or a general site)
  • real-time synchronisation between devices for new and changed documents
  • document deletion protection
  • high security with 2048bit SSL and uncompromised infrastructure
  • several interfaces (file explorer, web browser, mobile devices, FTP)
  • all OSs supported (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • end of day backup


Real-Time Device Synchronisation

Real-time synchronisation between devices occurs every time you add a new document, or edit and save one of your existing documents.

Unlike slow sync type services like Dropbox, our solution means you and your staff can immediately access and work on that latest up-to-date version of the document from other connected devices.

Consider it like an on-premise file network server, but powered by the flexibility and portability of the web.


Pricing Guide

When it comes to pricing, we keep it simple:
  • small setup fees depending on the required devices/interfaces
  • purchase in 5GB blocks
  • edit documents and record with versioning
  • month to month commitment


Comparison: Archive Storage vs Virtual Network Drive vs Document Compliance Management

Feature Cold Storage FTP Archive Drive Virtual Network Drive Document Lifecycle Compliance and Task Management
High Level Features
  • Access via FTP only

  • Useful as archive storage

  • Supports WebDAV network drive

  • Sync multiple PCs / small network

  • Includes all features of the Virtual Network Drive

  • Adds business compliance

  • Adds collaboration management

  • Adds workflow

  • Multiple users

  • 1 to 5 users

  • Multiple device sync

  • Sensitive content sharing

  • 5 to 500 users (blocks of 5)

  • Connect Internal & external staff / offices

  • Sensitive content sharing

  • Invite external staff to project containers

  • Resolve paper heavy processes

  • Store documents off PC

  • Single project site at a time

  • Store documents off PC

  • Secure SSL

  • Multiple projects simultaneously

  • Store documents off PC

  • Build business compliance

  • Document versioning / audit trail

  • Intra-document search

  • Move from on-premise to virtual file server

  • Full group / user permission management

  • Custom BPM workflow cycles

  • Option for enterprise real time reporting

  • CapEx or OpEx purchase options

  • Secure SSL

  • Options to increase security with VPN

  • Our managed cloud infrastructure

  • Our managed cloud infrastructure

  • Daily rolling daily backup held for 48 hours

  • Served nodes in 3 countries (AU, UK, and USA)

  • Served by the closest server node to you

  • Private cloud, on-premise, or hybrid arrangement

  • Horizontally scaled to desired performance

  • Runs from your subdomain / domain

  • High availability options and SLA

  • Customised backup / DR strategies

  • Cloud delivered from 14 countries

  • Cloud served by the closest node to you

  • Replication options to speed up performance

User Interfaces
  • FTP Client

  • File Explorer

  • Mapped WebDav folder (Win 7+, MacOS, Linux)

  • Configuration for Terminal Services

  • Smart mobile devices (iOS and Android)

  • Simple browser client

  • FTP Access

  • Mapped WebDav folder (Win 7+, MacOS, Linux)

  • Configuration for Terminal Services

  • Smart mobile devices (iOS and Android)

  • Rich browser client (for sophisticated users)

  • Simple browser client (for general users)

  • FTP Access

Storage Space
  • Min 10GB up to Terabytes

  • A site for each project (min 1GB)

  • Increase site in blocks of 1GB (max of 50GB)

  • Storage scalable based on business requirements

  • Storage starts at 20GB

Audit Control
  • No document deletion protection

  • No document versioning

  • Document deletion protection

  • No document versioning

  • Document deletion protection

  • Document versioning and rollback options

  • Deleted content recovery tool

  • Full audit trail on users

  • Accountability tracking of tasks and workflows

Content Types
  • Any File Type

  • Documents

  • Documents

  • Project Calendar

  • Data Lists (simple to do, contacts, events etc)

  • Wiki

  • Links

  • Custom content types

Advanced Optionals
  • Text content OCR for search

  • Custom defined search indexes

  • Folder space templates

  • Document templates

  • Branded landing page

  • Branded email notifications

  • Website CMS integration (Drupal, WordPress)

  • CRM Integration (SuiteCRM, SugarCRM, Salesforce)

  • Email content directly into repository

  • Touch device signing

  • External content scraping and store

  • Label detection

  • Explicit content detection

  • Facial detection

  • Landmark detection

  • Logo detection