Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing

Have your website built properly so that it can be optimised for search engines.

An increase in rankings means a greater possibility of being found by new business prospects who do not know you.


Where is my site in search engines?

A fun test to try is searching for your own website in search engines. If a customer knows you by your business name or your web address (URL) being found may not be too difficult.

But your prospects who don't know you will be searching on the internet for what you sell - your products, services, and maybe by your locality, and if they don't find you will find your competition.

Your website needs to be both structured properly and present its message properly for a search engine to discover and deliver its message to these prospects.


The simple reason to increase rankings is:

More prospects -> More visitors -> More leads -> More customers


How can we help your website increase its search rankings?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the term which refers to the treatment of your website to improve its organic rankings. There are actually two major aspects to facilitate an increase in organic rankings. The complexity of the process has increased over the last few years. 

Now you need to consider the following

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of engineering your website to:
  • meet the technical and mechanical requirements of search engines
  • get your website to be discovered by search engines
  • structure the website so critical regions (such as text) can be scanned properly
  • integrate your website's sitemap so search engines can be advised it has been updated as quickly as possible
  • ensure the website framework is kept up to date aligning itself with the continuously evolving changes in search algorithms
  • NEW add SSL security (e.g.
  • NEW move to a mobile-friendly theme
  • ADVANCED SEO STRUCTURES around data structure (JSON_LD) as well as semantic web modelling (RDF and Microdata)
Search Engine Strategy is the process of angling how you want your website to be found:
  • identify your ideal prospect or customer profile
  • develop both general content and niche content (product, service, industry, location)
  • understanding your competition and using their results to leapfrog them
  • build your keywords and phrasing strategy
  • use other site popularity to boost your profile
  • integrate with appropriate social networks
  • continuously test and review with statistics to fine-tune your search results

Both of the above are required. Please note that there are over 200 specific and unique factors contributing to rankings. This is what we do.


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