Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Your website needs to be built in a certain way to be found in search engines. Most websites are not.

If you are not getting the website enquiries you were once getting, it is likely your website needs review and re-alignment to the latest search engine standards. Gone are the days where updating your sites meta-tags and keywords was enough. On the modern web, there are now over 200 factors that need to be satisfied to even have a chance to be found. By comparison, 10 years ago there was approximately 20.

These 200+ factors belong to two main parent factors: optimisation and angle.


Search Engine Optimisation VS Search Engine Angle

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of mechanically engineering your website using the right platform and features, including:

  • mobile friendly / mobile first theme
  • SSL enabled   (e.g. This factor is now required for Google Chrome to even display your website.
  • structuring the website so critical regions (such as text) can be scanned properly
  • using an up to date web platform with a well supported theming engine
  • tagging all images with relevant content
  • enabling title and meta-tag regions to be exposed and searchable
  • verification and submission of the website to all major search engines
  • integrating your website's sitemap to search engines
  • having modules that expose all critical elements to search engines in the source code (cache, geo, unique requirements of some engines, etc)
  • keeping your website framework up to date (i.e. continuous maintenance following changing search algorithms)
  • ENABLING NEW ADVANCED STRUCTURES around structuring your data and using semantic web modelling (including JSON_LD, RDF and Microdata)

Search Engine Angling is the process of telling search engines how you want your website to be found:

  • identifying your ideal prospect or customer profile
  • understanding your competition and using their own  approach and results to leapfrog them
  • developing both general content and niche content and making it relevant and useful to people (paging, products, service, industry, location)
  • build your paging model, titles, description, phrasing and keyword strategy around this
  • cross promoting your website with other popular sites to boost your profile
  • integrating and engaging audiences with appropriate social networks
  • continuously testing and reviewing your website, its message, and use site statistics to fine-tune your search results


Both of the above are required.


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