Managed I.T. and Remote Support

Managed I.T. Support With Remote Support

If your business has taken the leap forward with our managed cloud-based offering, you get to enjoy the convenience to work from any internet connection around the world.

BUT this does not mean the local infrastructure can be ignored. Your local systems, devices and network must remain solid and dependable to have a seamless cloud experience. For instance, if your local PC is not working well, how would you access the cloud environment?  Many of our customers run a mix of both cloud and local services.

Our managed desktop service provides you with the peace of mind that your local infrastructure is kept up safe and secure. We are big believers in prevention is better than cure.

Our service:

  • can be requested without the need to use a ticketing system, just email or call
  • maintenance and preventative support can be done outside of standard hours
  • we will remotely request access to your desktops, laptops and network. Remote access is faster than call out
  • we will check and run all security and vulnerability updates, run scans for virus, malware and exploits
  • we will highlight potential issues and shortcomings in your existing stack (for example, MS does not backup your OneDrive/SharePoint data, an additional "air-gapped" backup is highly recommended)

In addition to managed services, we also provide:

  • helpdesk solutions
  • vendor negotiations
  • network consultancy
  • technical consulting
  • a vast array of other IT related services

All of our services are aimed at providing your business with the ability to operate as if you had an IT Team but without the overheads.